Electro BearGuard

Electro BearGuard

If you live or recreate in bear country you will eventually have an encounter with a bear.  There are a few things you can do to make that outcome be a good one.  A nosy bear can cost you a lot; the once in a lifetime hunt, expensive gear, a plane, raft, and most important your life.  About 1 out of 10 people in Alaska have an encounter with a bear.  Even a brief sighting of a bear close to your camp will result in a restless night for most people.  If you are going to have a fly in remote hunt or hike trip having a bear fence is essential.   Protecting your camp form an unwanted furry visitor ensures you will have a safe and enjoyable trip.   Most people harbor concerns in regards to bears and bear encounters.  Bears exist in nearly every corner of Alaska.  Bears should not prevent anyone from being outside.  The biggest concern is usually camping.  Nobody wants to wake up to the sound of bears in camp.  Electro Bear Guard fencing is the way to stay safe and have an enjoyable trip.  Bears that destroy camps are not necessarily being aggressive, they are just being bears.  Bear trainers believe you don’t have to teach bears twice.  If more bear fences were utilized, over time it would teach the bears to avoid camps and equipment. 

We offer several kits, but our team can customize to fit your individual needs.

Our energizer puts out 2-3 more kv than the Speedrite, the energizer used by our competitor.


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