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Updated August 20, 2010
The Cabin Electro Bear Guard
Electric Bear Fence System
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Cabin Electro Bear Guard    Contents

This kit was designed to be semi portable, meaning that it
can be set up and left for months at a time but is still easy
to take down and set up again season after season. It can
also be expanded easily too. The Yellow Jacket charger
can be ran off of an existing 12 volt power supply. The
solar powered charger is an option if you do not have a
12 volt system. The solar powered charger is self
contained with its own rechargeable battery.

1 - Yellow Jacket Charger or Solar Powered charger.

4' long step-in fence posts.

3 strands of 11/2" wide polytape.

3 - Gate handles.

1 - Ground rod.

4 - 9" Corner stakes.

Stake rope 3/16 x 50'.

Wire connector's to connect it all together.