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Updated August 1, 2011
Sureguard Operators Manual
Electro Bear Guard UltraLite
Portable Electric Bear Fence System For Back Packing

Electro Bear Guard UltraLite   Contents
Covers a total of 400 square foot area or (20' x 20').

1 - Compact fence energizer. Holds 2 AA cell batteries
Batteries not included)
4 - 40" long foldable fence posts. 16" folded

2 - 80' Lengths of polywire

2 - Gate handles

9 - Polywire post clips

1 - Ground rod 3/8" x 15" Alum.

2 - Jumper wires to connect it all together

10'- Florescent Flagging Tape (not shown)

1 - Heavy duty bag to carry it in

Kit Weighs
2.5 lbs
Kit Content
Electro Bear Guard TM
The EBG UltraLite is the lightest unit on the market. At 2.5 pounds you wont even know your
packing it. The EBG UltraLite was specifically designed for back packing. The EBG UltraLite
covers a 20' x 20' area, just right for the back packer on the go. The EBG UltraLite sets up in just
minutes. The charger (energizer) is a very light and compact unit, utilizing the latest electronic  
technology. It is powered from 2 AA cell batteries and will operate for about 72 hours on fresh
batteries. It has a built in low battery alarm. Output voltage is 6 - 9.6kv typical. Output pulse
energy is typically 0.15Joule. The fence posts are specially designed and fold to 16" from 40",
they are made of aluminum tubing, making them very light and strong. The whole kit fits in a
weather proof tube bag that measures 17"L x 4.5" Dia.
Printable Brochure
Price $395.00
Sureguard Energizer
Fence Instructions